Connecting industries

with the HEMP opportunity

The U.S. Hemp Organization works to connect existing National and International industries with the emerging Hemp Market in addition to establishing beneficial business networks around Hemp. 

Hemp is creating a new economy

The resurrection of US Hemp will significantly impact:

Medicine, Agriculture, Fuel, Technology, Bio-Plastic, Building Materials, Wellness, Defense, Paper, Clothing, Plant Milk, Food,


The future

is Hemp

Hemp is leading the green revolution. Representing the largest redistribution of wealth away from fossil fuels and toward an entirely new economic platform.

Enviro Driven

It is good for our economy and for our planet.

Global Economy

Emerging International Industry.

Growing Market

Expected to multiply over 20 times by 2022.

The Time is NOW

The barriers are removed and the opportunity has arrived.

We’re proud of our Industry Partners, and welcome your participation.

We Help Expand
Your Industry's Influence


We work alongside clients to address their most pressing strategic and operational challenges and develop and implement solutions for enduring success.

The US Hemp Organization participates in every facet of the growing Hemp Industry, from seed, to soil, planting, harvesting, processing, & products; to research, government relations, certification, regulation, & investments. Our network offers a unique opportunity to participate in any or all aspects of the market.
Taylor Reed Branson, RML